Desi Stones and Bones is an audio-story initiative that receives no external financial support and is independently produced out of India.  

It is a podcast built on travels to dinosaur nesting sites, cave-art ornamented ravines, prehistoric human settlements littered with stone tools and much much more.  It takes time to produce. There are illustrations that accompany every podcast along with a intelligible, narrative text.

As I juggle roles as a mom and a journalist, I try to avoid the tyranny of deadlines and schedules. The idea is to not merely dash out a story but to weave a beautiful tale with illustrations and compelling audio.

So the next episode will be out when it is out. Please bear with me.

Email if you are

  • an archaeologist or palaeontologist who wants to share a story about a discovery (new or old) and is willing to take me to the site.

  • a rookie journalist or a student who wants to get your hands dirty with research and produce audio stories.

  • a teacher who wants additional pictures, illustrations and uncut interviews to teach your students.